Reusable tissueboxes are yay!

navulbare tissuebox

navulbare tissuebox


Alphabet Soap Set

Now, you can get your little one to learn the alphabet and get clean at the same time. Just imagine the fun in the tub when you pull out the letter learned at school that day. The letters come in four colors and fruit scents: green = apple; blue = raspberry; red = watermelon; yellow = banana. The soaps are individually shrink-wrapped, so you can pick one at a time, and come packed in a reusable vinyl spa bag. Totally vegan; sulfate free and tested on humans.

Mini Travel Towel – Just add water

No prescription required for these multi-purpose travel towels packed like pills. Simply pop one out, soak with a little water and the pill instantly transforms into a sturdy 11 inches x 9 inches textured towel. Great for camping, hiking, cleaning dirty faces after an ice cream cone, or anytime you need a towel on-the-go. Easy to carry in purse, diaper bag, briefcase, backpack or your clear carry-on for the plane. Card has eight towels.