Dynamo light

A dynamo light that can be used in many different ways thanks to its witty accessories : help in hand, or as a head light or on on a bike.
Turn the lever for 30 second and benefit from 10 minutes of light. Highly recommended by Mother Earth.



Outdoor gift set

When 2 musts meets in one gift box… THE salt and pepper “Swiss Spices” (humidproof, wonderfull, swiss made!) and THE travelling set (handy, light, compact) do meet to treat you. Some will be jealous… others will go for it.

Gift set featuring a travelling cutlery set, 7 functions and a rechargeable Salt & Pepper.

Your personal glove dryer : an ingenious and indispensable accessory to help you enjoy your game !

Problems with your grip due to sweaty hands?

Thanks to Glovy you can now dry out your gloves whilst on the green in just a few minutes between each stroke.

Glovy is simple to use and adapted to all glove sizes, small to extra large.

With “Glovy”, your glove will feel like new: no more nasty odours, crumpled gloves, worrying about where to keep it or losing it all together.

But the best thing is feeling like you’re playing each hole with a “new” glove!

The perfect idea for golfer friends when you’ve no ideas for a present.

A great publicity tool for your company, Glovy can also be a great present to offer at competitions or to your golfing clients.

With its great design and special stand, it can take pride of place in your lounge or on your desk.

Easily transportable thanks to its handy travel case, you can take it everywhere.