A Unique Flash Drive Design

  • Used like a carabiner; easy clipped on a key chain or a bag
  • USB swivel-designed
  • High quality zinc alloy frame design make it durable and long-wearing



IDAPT Universal Chargers

The days of having a separate charger for each of your electronic devices are over! The IDAPT Universal Charger charges up to four mobile devices simultaneously through a simple system of quick-release interchangeable tips. IDAPT cleans up clutter, it’s easy to use and it’s eco friendly.


Choose the model of universal charger you need for all your devices and safely charge almost any combination of portable devices quickly and easily, including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nintendo DS, Android Phones, PSP, GPS systems, digital cameras, tablets, and Bluetooth products. IDAPT is future proof, since we develop new tips as new devices are launched and we cover more than 4,000 different devices.

LASER KEYBOARD : The Ultimate Tablet & Smartphone Companion


This is the ultimate, ultra-portable and versatile product. It is a projection keyboard and a multi-touch capable mouse, all in one-easy-to-use product. Perfect for on-the-go, you will be turning heads the moment the keyboard is projected onto the surface as you type away. Connection to your compatible device only takes two steps: turn on the device and pair it with your device via Bluetooth or USB. It is truly a revolution of the portable keyboard.

Innovative wireless computer mouse

Does not require any traditional batteries and can be simply charged through USB.

During charging your wireless connection normally would be disconnected, however due to an integrated backup system your computer mouse is still active for a few days.

You save on batteries, the environment and hassle of changing batteries and lost of wireless connection.