Outdoor gift set

When 2 musts meets in one gift box… THE salt and pepper “Swiss Spices” (humidproof, wonderfull, swiss made!) and THE travelling set (handy, light, compact) do meet to treat you. Some will be jealous… others will go for it.

Gift set featuring a travelling cutlery set, 7 functions and a rechargeable Salt & Pepper.



This is a method where the logo will be embroidered onthe article. Embroidery is used for textile, caps and bags. The price of embroidery depends on the stabbing number and size of the logo. The more wire is required the more expensive the embroidery on textiles. The color to use is determined by the yarn used. The maximum of colours is 15. An embroidery card is required to reproduce the image on the article. Solids or use of gold or silver thread are often more expensive in price.

Silkscreen printing

The design is applied to the mesh of a screen window. On the mesh is a light sensitive layer. A film, with and without illuminating parts, of the design is placed on the mesh and the whole is illuminated by UV light. The unexposed parts are washed from the mesh, this way the ink can proceed. The ink is pressed through the mesh and the article is located directly under the mesh, this way you get the printing on the article. Only flat surfaces can be printed with silkscreen. In most articles it is possible for one or more colours to print. Especially textiles and nylon products, such as umbrellas and bags are printed by screen printing. On t-shirts, and most other textile screen printing is used for your logo or text to make. Preferably in the case of 1-colored print.

tomorrow: embroidery

Printing techniques of promotional products: Pad printing

A printing method in which nearly every under-ground and form can be printed. In a cliché (a metal plate) the design is fitted photographically. By the pad, a rubber image carrier, the design of the cliché is transferred / printed on the article. By using various forms pad is possible to print various forms. On most articles it is possible to print in one or more colors. Most plastic items are printed by using the method of pad printing. For example, look at the logo on your mobile phone, in most cases this is done by pad printing.

Tomorrow: silkscreen printing